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Experiences: It’s part of our job to go out into the city and seek out cultural experiences that we can then come back and reflect on. We try to relate what we do or see to the Rubin in any way we can, and we feel it enhances our views on what we do on a daily basis.

Museum Events: Every so often, the Rubin will be hosting events for teens centered around our collection and designed entirely by the teen leaders. These events will include time in the galleries and (more often than not) some sort of art making workshop! It would be great if you could make it to one if you’re interested in what we do. 

Buddhist Art

Hindu Art

Reference: Just some helpful tips and hints about various things from our talented teen guide council! If you’re ever looking for advice on public speaking or art making you might want to check this out. 

Events: Less specific than the “Museum Events” tag. Here you can find information on exciting art events around the New York City. 

Exhibits: Gives you information on current Rubin Museum exhibitions to come check out! 

The Buddha