Flipside Journey: Yoga at Laughing Lotus

In the Flipside Exhibition, we see how paintings are imbued and infused with the divine through the act of consecration.  

In yoga, PEOPLE can take the positions as a way to embody the gods. Yoga positions (asanas) mirror the body and hand positions (mudras) of the gods.  At the Rubin Museum of Art, we can see the gods are taking very specific poses with their bodies and hands.  In yoga, people can take the positions as a way to access the specific powers of the gods.  

For example, check out the warrior pose in yoga and then how you’d find it in Himalayan art. 



Yoga is very active and the positions are meant to be hard so you can challenge yourself to have the discipline to stay in the present moment.  When your body is in a tough position, its difficult to think of anything else, so it trains your mind on one thing.  Also, the practice of yoga was meant to prepare your body to be able to sit and concentrate in meditation.  It was meant to prepare you to be in the present moment.  

We had a great time exploring some of the gods and their stories you might find in yoga and then headed over to Laughing Lotus Yoga Center   on 19th st between 5th and 6th ave http://nyc.laughinglotus.com where we met with Sheri Celentano, Creative Director and Senior Teacher, who gave us a private class explaining what yoga was and incorporating the stories and mudras of the gods.  Check out us talking about Shiva and then videos of us at Laughing Lotus!  

The Buddha